CEO Message for 2021

Author: Anna Dyda

15 January 2021

Dear all, 

First of all, let me wish to all of you the best for this new year

This time of the year we dedicate to 2021 objectives therefore I wanted to share with you NATEK strategic goals for new year

Last year we significantly reinforced our Sales and Marketing department. We are even closer to our customers and this approach has helped us, resulting in starting new partnerships and strengthening the already existing ones. The stock of projects to deliver shows already a growth of our revenue in 2021. I am pleased to see that we have onboarded 40 new employees this month.

IT company’s main focus is always technology. We did a tremendous move last year to reinforce our Delivery Centers teams with technical leaders in the area of SAP, Test Automation, Network and Cloud development.  We will continue to hire or nominate also this year Service Delivery Mangers. This will bring high technology added value in the area of next generation Network/Security, Telco and Software Development for Bank industry.

To support this growth we need to have a performant recruitment team. Our Recruitment will have an important support in a newly formed Sourcing Team in order to be able to answer quicker to important projects opened by our clients.

2021 will also be marked by the seal of digitalization and enhanced productivity.  Under the direction of our IT Tool Release & Support Manager, we have successfully deployed new tools to manage our assets, our invoicing and customer relationship (CRM) last year. This year we plan to release the Zero Paper Project (ZPP). This project aims at eliminating paper workflow within the company. 

All these objectives are in line with our values to develop our expertise and partnership with customers, strengthen our social responsibility and offer the best balance between personal and professional lives to our employees. 

Even if the sanitary crisis in not over yet, as the world is trying to find a new balance, we need to continue to move forward and be innovative. 

I would like to thank the whole NATEK Team for their efforts and dedication during this time.

Have a good new IT year with Us! 

Jean-Michel Namand



The CEO Message for 2021 summarises year 2020 and describes plans for 2021. To read more about NATEK CEO Jean-Michel Namand and the story of NATEK, go to About Us section. 

To see our 2020 Year in review video, go to NATEK International YouTube channel! 


Anna Dyda


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