CEO interview: Lower Silesia, A Place To Grow A Business

Author: Minh Trusiak

12 July 2022

Wrocław has become a city of innovation and development in recent years. But one of the first people who saw the potential of this region long before its rising development was NATEK CEO, Jean Michel Namand. Why did he decide to invest in the heart of Lower Silesia?



Lower Silesia

Lower Silesia is the third most popular region in Poland for foreign investors, after Mazowsze and Silesia. Over 2,100 foreign entities operate here. Therefore, it is 8.7% of the total number of such enterprises in Poland, including 11% of large enterprises (employing over 250 people). Moreover, almost 65% of them chose Wrocław or its vicinity. Foreign investments in Lower Silesia constitute 10.2% of the capital invested in Poland (PLN 22,433.6 million).

And Wrocław, as the capital of Lower Silesia, is a strong and innovative city. It has become a place for entrepreneurs to develop new initiatives.


Investment potential of Lower Silesia

Lately, NATEK CEO Jean Michel Namand and VP Sales & Marketing Jana Kruzliakova met with journalists from the Czech Republic and the representatives of the Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej (Silesian Agency for Economic Cooperation). The meeting was held as part of study visits, the purpose of which is to show the investment potential of Lower Silesia and to present interesting business and social initiatives.

And NATEK is a living example of this potential! After all, the history of our company began in a small office in Brno in the Czech Republic. Now, we operate successfully not only in Czechia but also in Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. And one of our offices is located in the heart of Lower Silesia – Wrocław.

But why did our CEO decide to invest in Wrocław? And why does he think Poland is the perfect place to grow a company in the IT sector? Jean-Michel explains in the latest article in the Brno Daily Magazine.


The Story of NATEK in Brno Daily

In the article, Jean-Michel Namand reveals the history of the creation of NATEK. He narrates about a small start-up from France expanding its activities by becoming a partner of IBM. They help them to set up the first delivery center in Central and Eastern Europe, in Brno, Czech Republic and created NATEK. A year after, NATEK exports to Bulgaria. In 2009 the company was delivering services from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria.

Jean-Michel decided to settle in Wrocław, apart from the other offices in Poland in Warsaw Gdańsk, because he believed that the city has a lot to offer and is an ideal place for the development of an IT company. According to him, Poland is better for resources since there are not as many competitors as in the Czech Republic. It seems that Poland is more interesting for the IT sector, with 1 million IT workers compared to 200,000 in the Czech Republic.



Are you interested to learn how starting a company in the Czech Republic was in 2004? What difficulties and challenges was NATEK facing? You can find all the answers and the history of NATEK in the latest article on Brno Daily HERE.


To find out more about our plans and visions, check the Message from the CEO.





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