CEO interview: I never considered it a risk

Author: Anna Dyda

12 October 2021

“I never considered it a risk, but an opportunity” says NATEK CEO Jean-Michel Namand in the interview in the latest issue of Warsaw Business Journal.

Having an established position in France, Jean-Michel Namand decided to open a company in the Czech Republic.

What motivated him to do that? What vision for the company did he have why did he believe it would succeed? You can find all the answers and the history of NATEK’s beginnings in the October issue of Warsaw Business Journal.

In the interview NATEK CEO reveals also why he believed that his company would be successful even when having huge international enterprises as competition.In the article he explains that when global companies are coming to Central Europe, it’s not to keep working with the same providers and partners. Companies like NATEK are not only more flexible due to their structure. They are also more affordable and they offer the same quality of service. What is more, they know the local market much better. The goal for the company was always to be one of the biggest locally-based providers of IT services. NATEK’s objective has always been to work with international clients but to be a CEE company.


Are you interested to learn how starting a company in Czech Republic was in 2004? What difficulties and challenges was NATEK facing?

From the interview you can also learn what the market situation was and how quickly NATEK developed in its first year of operations, working on project for IBM.

Read the whole CEO interview on Warsaw Business Journal here: An Opportunity – interview with NATEK CEO

To find our more about our plans and vision for 2021, check the Message from CEO.


Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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