We have the desire to change the world, IT makes a difference. All our consultants work on innovative solutions, helping people all around the world and making their lives easier.

We support our customers in two ways: via conducting projects as an external company in our delivery/development centers, or by supporting their projects onsite.
Our employees work on prestigious projects in banking, telecom, aviation, tourism and insurance, e-commerce, new technology and many more.
We match the potential and skills of a candidate with the perfect position regardless of geographic boundaries. We believe that the dream job is sometimes located in other place/country/city than you are. Therefore, we make the initiative to support our candidates and employees with their relocation.  NATEK has been practicing it successfully for many years.


Main advantages of working IT with us:

  • Stability of employment – we offer a long-term collaboration on projects dedicated to support our customers. After a mission is accomplished, there always is another one that follows.
  • Career development opportunities – you do not have to change the job to make a change in your career. We offer chances to work on innovative projects for the biggest worldwide brands, not on a particular one. In case you want to change something (technologies, environment, project) NATEK will search for another mission for you. Having many customers and projects, NATEK can influence your career growth, matching your skills with the next missions. Knowing the market and its trends, we serve as advisors to our employees in terms of career development, offer them additional trainings, more perspective positions and support their own initiatives.
  • Guarantee of access to the latest technologies, which assures real development opportunities.
  • Support in your career development (prestigious projects for many customers, HR support, trainings, full relocation support, bonuses, social benefits, etc.)
  • International working environment and multinational teams (we hire people of 24 nationalities, majority of them have established friendships that last for years).
  • Flexibility in the employment form – no matter if you are hired on a contract of work, or you are supplier working on b2b contract, we will find the perfect solution to collaborate
  • Sourcing support – if it is necessary and/or possible, we invest in candidates who have great potential, even if they do not have experience in a particular tool. If that happened to be your case, we are able to consider inviting you for a pre-boarding training before you start
  • Simple settlement – we have our own IT tools to support administrative issues. They are easy to use.
  • Referral program – we know how important it is to work with professionals. Our Consultants can recommend their colleagues to work with, and in case of boarding this person, they receive a referral bonus.
  • Working atmosphere – as we hire people that we like to work with, we organize integration events, where we could know each other better and realize our non-IT passions.



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