Angular vs. React vs. Vue.JS: Which framework to choose in 2022?

Author: Minh Trusiak

29 March 2022

JavaScript is a programming language, the use of which requires knowledge of additional tools, libraries and frameworks. The most popular are Angular, React and Vue.JS. Which of these technologies is the most popular? Which framework to choose for your project? Let’s find out!



Ubiquitous JavaScript

What do Angular, React and Vue.JS have in common? They are all frameworks for JavaScript!

And according to a survey conducted annually by StackOverflow, JavaScript has remained the most widely used programming language among programmers for many years. Last year, over 60% of respondents used it! The popularity of JavaScript is primarily due to its simplicity and accessibility. It is used on websites, in browsers and wherever high performance is needed. One of its advantages is certainly the fact that it’s supported by large entities in the IT industry, including Microsoft. However, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the most frequently cited disadvantages of JavaScript is that the code is visible to anyone viewing the website. The issue of security on the part of the client also leaves many doubts.


StackOverflow Survey

JavaScript is the most popular programming language according to the StackOverflow Survey.

Angular, React and Vue.JS – the most popular front-end solutions

The aforementioned popularity of JavaScript means that the JavaScript frameworks are also developing at an extremely fast pace. And React, Angular and Vue.JS are one of the most popular front-end solutions today!


Angular vs. Reach vs. Vue.JS


Angular is a framework created in 2009 that is being developed by Google. It is based on the user-side browser. The framework was built on the basis of TypeScript. Its use makes websites render much faster and are much more efficient. It is also worth emphasizing that it is a self-contained framework that has built-in routing, state management and form validation tools. Therefore, it is perfect for building highly interactive web applications.

In NATEK, we use the Angular framework in many projects for one of our Clients – a leading global company providing financial services. Our specialists use it to create various applications used by thousands of users around the world – from reusable components used in numerous projects of the organization, through API, to critical applications for managing internal ratings and counterparty limits and violations.



In 2013, Facebook released the first version of React, which has taken the world by storm since then. It is a popular open-source JavaScript library used to build robust and dynamic user interfaces for web applications. Its use is based on building and rendering a website, which makes it useful in creating huge web applications in which data is regularly changed.

We also see the growing popularity of React in projects for our Clients. NATEK specialists, under the supervision of our Software Development Support Engineer Encho Enchev, used React, among others, for a project related to the implementation of lightweight e-commerce solutions for one of the most famous advertising agencies in the world. Our Team built and supports single-page e-commerce applications that allow large US and UK online retailers to experiment and optimize their online offers and customize their services and model business to new circumstances set by constant changes and technological progress.

Moreover, NATEK also uses React in its internal tools. One of the latest applications is the latest version of the MyProfile application for Candidates. It is a place where users can upload a CV, edit their data or grant GDPR consent. MyProfile also includes all open positions at NATEK for which Candidates can easily apply.



Vue.JS is a library that combines the functionality of Angular and React. The developer of this framework is a Chinese-born developer, Evan You (a former Google employee), who launched it in 2014. He wanted to create a tool that would be light but at the same time similar to Angular. Vue is designed to build highly adaptable user interfaces and sophisticated single-page applications. In the case of this framework, it is certainly worth appreciating the extensive documentation and simple syntax that is accessible to novice programmers.



Which framework to choose for a new project?

When choosing a framework for a new project, it is worth being aware that there is no solution that would be perfect for every situation. Therefore, Angular is recommended when we want to create an application that will be large, functional and will work in real-time, such as chat. It is also worth betting on when we need a scalable and proven framework. The choice of React will be optimal when we want a flexible framework and security. The library will also prove useful when we want to extend the functionality of an existing application and when we want to support the community. It is worth choosing Vue when we want to create a fast and efficient application and we want to introduce it to the market quickly.



Angular vs. React vs. Vue.JS: Who is the Winner?

To sum up, it should be said that all three frameworks are technologies that have advantages and disadvantages and all of them have a future ahead of them. Which solution will be optimal in 2022 then? We think that there is no winner and the decision should be based on the needs and requirements of the project.


If you still struggle with the choice of the framework for projects in your Organization, our Specialists will be happy to help you choose the best solutions. At NATEK, we offer expertise and project support in all these frameworks, so let us build a team of experts for your that will support your project needs and bring your organization to the next level!


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