I would like first to express my utmost gratitude to all members of the NATEK family for supporting during 2017 the company’s innovation agenda and implementing the recent transformation into the Business Unit based organization. We already begin to see the full effect of all of that. 

Our multi-location positioning in historically Czech Republic, Slovakia and more recently Bulgaria, Poland gives us a tremendous leveraging arm to boost our growth in a booming global economy.  

We have been able to complete important milestones towards our long-term goal of :

1,200 employees by 2020

Stable revenue growth by 30%, doubled every 3 years 

EBIT margin above 7 % in 2018


2018 will be all about sustainable growth and further profitability. Both very important to finance our plans that include employee benefits, career opportunity and new Delivery Centers. 

Let me share with you the key areas to progress this year:  


Overall Business and Operations: 

2018 is the year of Delivery Centers. We inaugurated our very first delivery centre with a project of 44 employees in 2016 and target to reach 300 by end of 2018 within all DCs.  

This growth also requires the extension of our office space to 3,500 m2 (800 m2 in 2016), upskilling our employees, as well as building and marketing our DC service offers. 

Quality stays our priority constantly. Therefore ISO certification for our DCs, aligning with EU directive of General Data Protection Regulation, improving and securing our internal tools are the main projects of this year. 

The goal of this growth is to bring our employee’s new projects, new customers, offer job rotation. In a word make NATEK the place of work where each of them will meet their professional aspirations.

Talent Acquisition, Development & Education: 

In order to continue business excellence, we will need to retain, detect and boost carrier path of NATEK potential managers and professionals. Talent Development and NATEK Incentive Plan remain in the spotlight of our HR Department this year. 

In addition, we will need to acquire more than 360 new Talents to sustain the growth of our projects. 

Keeping in mind that our businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society, this year we will focus on strengthening our social responsibility.  We will bring new activities and policies, which will offer our employees healthy work&life balance in order to achieve with NATEK their personal and professional goals.


Along with new digital marketing campaigns, new Brand Manual and a refresh of NATEK materials, we are focusing on bringing a technical forum to life (either in the form of hackathons or other) to increase communication to IT community. 

Summing up, we will constantly focus on creating more valuable NATEK that offers to all employees attractive challenges, friendly environment and career development they are looking for.

@We look forward to another fruitful year for NATEK, its team and customers.

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