Our social responsibility principles and practices advance our focus on the world of work and service. It is a matter of course to keep all applicable laws and regulations as well as ethical principles and requirements of our Customers.

NATEK Core Principles

Respecting law conditions

One of NATEK's main goals on our way towards impeccable business practice is to abide by all the local laws and regulations in direct connection to our operation. We therefore make sure that all our responsible employees are familiar with the current legislation and know all the requirements of all the government authorities NATEK cooperates with in its day-to-day business.

Providing comfortable conditions for our Employees with respect to their individuality

In NATEK, we are aware that the preservation of individuality is one of the most important facets of keeping one's personal integrity. We therefore strive to adapt our employee's work conditions to their individual needs so that their individual talents are not hindered and their performance as well as their satisfaction with their work is at its peak

Honesty and integrity not only as part of Customer focus

The core of NATEK business is working with people for people. NATEK takes pride in the way we deal with both our potential and current employees, and our clients. Honesty and integrity in our daily dealings with all our business partners are a virtual necessity for us in order to succeed in the business. We make sure that all our employees are aware of this philosophy from the very beginning of their cooperation with us so that it becomes second nature to them.


In NATEK, we do not tolerate bribery of any kind. NATEK sets up clear borderline to distinguish between a bribe and gift considered as culturally expected polite manners in a relation to our business activities. As part of these regulations, NATEK Employees will not offer nor provide any kind of cash or non-cash gifts to any customer's representative, manager, business partner or public authority officials, in a value exceeding 50 EUR per year. Reciprocally, our employees are discouraged from requiring or accepting gifts from our suppliers exceeding the same limits.


Respected rules to keep these principles: 

Compliance with laws and regulations (business and labour)

Every NATEK employee is bound to make him/herself familiar with and adhere to the laws and regulations that are directly connected to his/her responsibilities in NATEK. To ensure that all NATEK procedures are up to spec, NATEK provides its employees with trainings and counselling so that each employee is up to par with the current legislation. Updates of laws and regulations are being regularly discussed at management meetings.

Ethical Dealings – no bribery, corruption or prohibited business practices

NATEK prohibits all its employees from employing any unlawful coercive business practices such as bribery or blackmail. All NATEK employees fully respect the rules of fair business including advertising and competition.

No discrimination, no violence

NATEK requires all employees to keep a respectful and positive work environment where no discriminations are being made based on race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, political affiliation, or disability.

No child, forced or involuntary labour

NATEK vows never to support or actually engage in any form of unlawful employment of children. We will also never use or tolerate forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary prison labour. All our employees must cooperate with us willingly.

Respect and Dignity

All NATEK employees are required to keep a supportive and respectful attitude towards one another; harassment or physically abusive behaviour nor mental or verbal coercion cannot be tolerated.

Respecting country regulations for working conditions – e.g. entitlement for vacation, min. wages, working hours/break at work etc.

In compliance with local laws and regulations, NATEK always keeps track of its employees' work time, pays higher than minimal salary, compensates employees for working overtime, and gives employees all the statutory benefits. Furthermore, NATEK always respects the employee's right for vacation and provides employees with a clear payroll statement of their income for each month. NATEK fully respects the law concerning possible salary deduction as well that are never used as a disciplinary measure.

Respecting the right of freedom of associations

All NATEK employees have the right to become or to refuse to become members of worker organizations such as trade unions. NATEK's aim is to provide such working conditions that promote mutual trust and good relationships between management and the employees so that all NATEK employees see third-party representation as unnecessary.

Providing Health & Safety

Every NATEK employee is required to undergo a health & safety training when they start with NATEK as well as regular update of this training. In turn, NATEK provides a safe and healthy working environment together with a risk-minimizing policy to ensure maximum safety of all employees. NATEK also covers regular medical check-ups of all employees.

Protection of the Environment

NATEK employees are asked to conserve the company resources and therefore the environment. NATEK adheres to all the local rules and regulations regarding the preservation of environment.

Open and clear communication

All NATEK employees are required to uphold an 'open door' policy with regard to any questions, suggestions or tasks given by their coworkers. Timely responses and help build an effective working environment thus enabling all employees to be more satisfied with their work and make NATEK more competitive.

This Social Responsibility is effective beginning on May 13,  2013.

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