On its board NATEK has managers who gained experience working in various industries - IT, finance, media, FMCG. Thanks to that we know what is important to You! We understand the businesses we work with, and we know how to anticipate clients’ needs. The organizational structure of the company together with experienced managerial, technical and administrative staff and skilled workforce provides us with great flexibility. As a result, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to the individual needs of our clients and market requirements by offering tailor-made solutions.

Jean-Michel Namand, CEO

Jean-Michel Namand


Paul Novak, CFO

Paul Novak


Pavel Zubak, Technical Operation Director

Pavel Zubak

Technical Operation Director

Joanna Pejo, Head of Recruitment

Joanna Pejo

Head of Recruitment

Robert Fridrich, Country Manager Czech Republic

Robert Fridrich

Country Manager Czech Republic

Nikolay Yamaliev, Business Unit Manager, Sofia

Nikolay Yamaliev

Business Unit Manager, Sofia

Bernadetta Cisowska, Technical Service Manger, Poland

Bernadetta Cisowska

Technical Service Manger, Poland

Jana Kruzliakova, Business Unit Manager, Warsaw

Jana Kruzliakova

Business Unit Manager, Warsaw

Magdalena Hennig, Business Unit Manager, Gdańsk

Magdalena Hennig

Business Unit Manager, Gdańsk

Beata Węgrzyn, Social Media Manager

Beata Węgrzyn

Social Media Manager

Vladimira Zubakova, Tool Development Manager and Quality Representative, Office Manager

Vladimira Zubakova

Tool Development Manager and Quality Representative, Office Manager

Jolanta Seremak, HR Manager

Jolanta Seremak

HR Manager