7 useful tips on how to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak

Author: Anna Dyda

19 March 2020

The recent coronavirus outbreak forced many companies to send their employees to work remotely. At NATEK, we’re used to working from home because we always have the opportunity to work from home twice a week. Yet for some, it’s an unusual and new situation. This is why we gathered some tips and tricks from our colleagues to keep you focused and productive while working remotely!

1. Arrange your space
It’s vital that you have a nice place to work from, with a comfortable chair, space for your laptop, documents, etc. What works best in situations like this is if you spare a separate room with a desk where you can go to have some peace and quiet (especially if there are children in the picture).
2. Keep it tidy!
You know how decluttering your home declutter your mind as well? It’s the same with your workspace! Cluttered desk with unnecessary items makes it hard to focus on the job at hand, so try to keep your surroundings as tidy as possible!
3. The to-do list is a lifesaver
When there are several things to complete, it’s sometimes hard to remember them all. Thus, a good habit is to write them down! Another benefit of a to-do list is that you see at a glance which task needs to be prioritized. You can hang such a list on the wall.
4. Plan your work and brakes
As adults, we’re capable of 20 minutes of uninterrupted attention, which is not much. What more the digital world doesn’t make it easier on us. This is why it’s beneficial to introduce a pattern for your work. The most effective practice is when you interlace short and long tasks. This allows you to juggle between less and more complicated things you have to accomplish. Apart from planning your work, it’s helpful if you set breaks as well. They make you look forward to them and keep you going! Are big tasks overwhelming? Set the timer on your phone – it will make it easier to focus.
5. Make a work playlist
Research shows that music can help you be more productive! You just need the right playlist. Remember that simple musical structure helps you focus, while more complex ones might be distracting. Same with lyrics because they’re similar to when people are talking. Finally – control – it might be hard for you to focus when someone is imposing their song for you. Yet, when you have the power, it’s an entirely different story.
6. Have the right tools

They will make your life easier! In normal circumstances, you can easily connect with your co-workers. They sit just across your desk. If not, a quick stroll down the corridor, and you can discuss the latest project or ask something that was bothering you. But working from home is a little more tricky. This is why tools like Skype or Google Hangouts come in handy! Other useful tools, like Nextcloud – in which you can store and share documents with your colleagues, or Trello – that allows you to keep track of your projects, will be an enormous help. Just check them out!

working from home in NATEK office

Nice gadgets in NATEK office

And the final tip on how to work from home:

7. Get ready for work as you would any other day
Working in your “home clothes” might seem handy and comfortable, but let’s be honest, it can also be misleading. This is because we associate it with a lazy Sunday morning when you can chill out after an exhausting week. So start you day as you normally would – put on some nice clothes, get coffee (you can even call your colleagues on Skype and have your morning coffee together!) and get ready for a productive day!

We hope these 7 tips on how to work from home will help you cope better with this new situation and make you more productive!


Written by Junior Marketing Assistant Anna Smaruj

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Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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