Cloud Computing – 6 Surprising facts you might not know

Author: Justyna Adamiak

9 August 2021

Did you know that the term “cloud computing”, in the modern sense, has been with us for exactly 15 yearsOn August 9, 2006, then Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the term to an industry conference. 

Mass migration to remote work, increased cyberthreats, financial constraints were the main challenges at the turn of 2020 and 2021. Thus, we at NATEK overtook our clients’ most urgent migration and cloud enhancement projects with the public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, which are now providing greater flexibility and scalability than most businesses had previously experienced. 

No matter how prevalent cloud computing seems, there are things you might not know about it, so let’s dive into this impressive technology and get to know it’s 6 surprising facts! 

6 Cloud Computing Facts 

As obvious as it is, we know that the cloud is so widely used and that corporations spend immense amount of money to invest in it. But you may still be wondering how actually wide the usage is and what amounts are at stake?

1. The public cloud  infrastructure market is predicted to grow 35% over the course of 2021. This global growth is valued at $120 billion. 

This contrasts with the 9% growth rate that is projected for “on-premises” and hard-drive-based forms of computing. 

2. 94% of businesses have seen improved online security since migrating to the cloud. 

Security concerns about cloud computing are not the case anymore. What’s more, many people now consider the cloud to be more secure than data stored conventionally. Data is secured not only by anti-malware software and firewall, but also by encryption. If the user doesn’t have the key to decrypt the data, then the data is useless for one.  

3. 2022: More than $397,5 billion of IT spending will be cloud-based. 

An increased investment in cloud computing will likely be seen across all industries as the cloud helps businesses save money by using staff more efficiently. Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 23.1% and reach $332,3 billion in 2021 and $397,5 billion in 2022.

4. In 2021, businesses are prioritizing these top three cloud features: disaster recovery and high availability, identity access and management, and content delivery applications.

Companies will increasingly use the cloud to enable geographically separated offsite replication or failover for disaster protection. They will look to extend failover clustering not only across cloud availability zones but across different cloud vendors. Moreover, they will look to implement sophisticated application-aware high availability solutions to provide the same level of protection for applications and data as they get in traditional on-premises environments.

5. Cloud-supported remote work has increased 300%, when compared to pre-Covid levels 

Employees prefer a hybrid model of work-life structure in a post-COVID world. Over the last year, people have adapted quickly to remote work and have realized it is just as productive as working in a corporate office. 

6. 80% of companies that adopt the cloud see improvements within their IT departments within six months.  

These improvements were generally in the areas of efficiency, quality, and security. Additionally, moving to the cloud helped these companies save money, cut costs, and use staff more efficiently. After adopting the cloud, upwards of 90% of IT decision makers saw marked improvements in at least one area of the IT department. 

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