5 Reasons why you should join NATEK

Author: Anna Dyda

10 February 2020

Are you thinking about changing your job or perhaps you want to start your career in IT? Check out these 5 reasons why you should start working at NATEK.

  1. We believe that everyone is unique and has an individual scope of skills and experience. NATEK’s people are colourful mix of personalities and know-how that creates one and only team. We know that behind Linkedin there are humans, not only Java ;), and we really believe in partnership and creating a win-win situation.
  2. On average, at work we spend 8 hours every day, 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month. Knowing that, we take care of the atmosphere in the office. Since work-life balance is no longer enough and everybody talks about work-life blend, we are flexible with approach to our workday. Trust, transparency and accountability let us have the possibility to work from home office and adjust working hours. We enjoy team activities outside and… inside the office: breakfasts, going to pubs, canoeing, gokarts, bowling, paintball, charity actions, even DIY repairing coffee express when the handy man comes in few hours and we all need that morning coffee…


    Birthday Party of our Gdansk Delivery Center

  3. Our customers are almost exclusively fortune 100 companies, most of them global leader sin their industry, and all of them are serious business players with over $1 billion annual revenue. Our customers have wide business portfolio, from TELCO and e-commerce, through banking and finance, to FMCG and travels. We are working on projects in different business areas and it helps us develop market knowledge in many sectors and gives as a universal know-how. We know whole spectrum of technologies, work methodologies, business connections, global projects… and more.
  4. We are getting know each better and better every day and we believe in NATEK giving possibility in promotions and changing specializations. Sometimes you might become interested in one specific area and would like to develop in that direction – and we appreciate it in NATEK!
  5. Stressed about your first job? When you are starting your career in NATEK and you are figuring out how to do your work, we are here to help you. We remember our early days in first “real” work, and we have a strong mentoring program. During your first days in NATEK you will not only learn about available tools, but you will also meet all of us in the office and other colleagues in all of our branches (virtually). We want you to feel welcome and to help you become an expert in your field.
Georgi during onboarding in Warsaw

Georgi during his onboarding in Warsaw with his buddy Ryszard


5 reasons why you should start working in NATEK were provided by NATEK Research Team Coordinator Monika Lubieńska. 

Does that sound good? Check our open job positions here: https://natek.eu/careers/

Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager