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End of the Year in many cultures is time to slow down and reflect the past period. In France, this reflexion started in November after the attacks in Paris which left many of us around the world wondering what our responsibility is after of such a horrific event. I’m sure many of you showed on Facebook blue, white and red profile photos, in support of the Parisian people and their families.Thank you for this.

As French and citizen of the world who wants to do good by the rest of humanity, I’m asking myself, “What can we do? What is the little I bring to the society, trying to make the world better? “

But there is one special thing we are doing here in NATEK during all those years on the market – we are mixing you, your cultures, we are giving opportunities and assisting you from different part of the world to relocate, to find new hometowns and new futures. And nothing will stop us!

NATEK will continue to connect cultures, people, to offer opportunities across Europe, to relocate people from various countries and even continents to show, that we are global and we can live together. As a company with employees coming from almost 25 countries, we recognize that it is times like these when borders and boundaries dissolve. 

Wishing you and all those close to you a joyous holiday season, a new year of happiness, and hope for a world at peace.


Jean-Michel Namand












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