Experts agree on the fact we entered a third industrial revolution. As previous ones, this will change our habits, costumes and behaviour as a whole society. But differently than the others, instead of finding ourselves surrounded by noisy and smoky machines, the changes in this case will be silent and close to invisible. 

The advent of digital, according to the Professional Outsourcing Magazine will impact not only our lives, but also the way we do business, and the way we outsource.

In order to successfully overcome the revolution, outsourcing providers and their clients should proceed hand in hand to fully embrace digital transformation

As perfectly shown by Gartner’s Hype Cycle Report, all the technologies that might see the light in the next ten years, will be digital, virtual or cloud-based or at least relying on these to properly work. Such changes will strongly impact businesses making them quicker and more efficient.

This is why the companies that fully embrace a strategic vision on digital increased profits and valuation, according to The Digital Advantage report.

But in order to succeed in the roadmap to fully integrate digital transformation outsourcing companies and those benefitting of their efforts have to invest on enabling new products and services, speeding up processes, improving collaboration and communication and finally managing costs and margins. This will translate in a need for streamlining IT infrastructures particularly concerning IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

A growing demand for IT secure infrastructures, cloud services and generally improved collaboration and communication within the company will generate demand for strategic support from ITO services providers. According to Kalin Grupchev, Country Sales Manager Bulgaria for NATEK “In such a scenario, only those company with a clear organizational structure and strong level of expertise will be able to face challenges and answer their business partners’ needs. This is what we are focusing on NATEK, this is what we have always been taking care of in our company”.






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