2016 was a busy, at the same time satisfying year for NATEK, but I am confident 2017 will be absolutely amazing. Looking back, let me highlight our best achievements last year:

With splitting the structure of the company into 2 core streams: Technical Services Division (TSD) and Outsourcing Services Division (OSD) with separate sales structures, we managed to introduce a more efficient and mature organization.

We signed new customers including DHL in Czech Republic, VMWare in Bulgaria or Alcatel/Nokia in Poland. As well as strengthened our cooperation with long lasting business partners such as AT&T or Credit Suisse.

We have seen experienced professionals in HR, Sales, Communication and Office management departments joining us to lead the change and we have also promoted our young talents to managerial positions to help steer NATEK into new waters both in business as well as internal operations.

I dedicate this year to our employees and the company will continue to appreciate the loyalty of those standing beside NATEK for years and being an important part of our transformation.

As we shape customer focused milestones ahead, I wanted to stress the importance of leveraging the satisfaction of our teams. 2017 means being closer to staff, keeping an eyeball on flexibility and better understanding of the needs and personal career goals.

In addition to the investment in personal development of our employees, we are keen to continue changing our environment to more professional and friendly. With either in the pipeline or already enhanced look of our international premises, we are also looking into initiating numerous company events and employee activities.

Summing up, I have seen substantial changes made in order to better support our customers and well as strengthen our teams. We are constantly focused on creating a more valuable NATEK that is better able to respond to the needs of the IT business.

Success of the organization will be a mirror of the growth strategy and satisfaction of its employees. Together with their engagement & passion, I am confident we can sustain strong growth and better service our customers. We aim to continue to THINK BIG in 2017 and promise to support all internal ideas to the best of our abilities.

@We look forward to another fruitful year for NATEK, its team and customers.


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